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About East Seven Seven

East Seven Seven is an independent fashion label started by Shannon Green in 2019. After a lifetime working in the fashion industry, she left to build her own brand. Shannon became disenfranchised by the amount of waste she saw in the industry. Many products are designed to be obsolete within 6 -12 months.  Which mean most of those closes will end up in a landfill at that time. Many of the inexpensive textiles used by fast fashion are plastics. Polyester, acrylic, and nylon are among the worst offenders. These fibers do not breakdown when tossed into landfills. 

In addition, chemicals used to create the fiber, textile, and garment are extremely polluting and non-renewable resource hogs. If we start thinking about how clothing impacts on our environment change may happen faster. Instead of tossing out clothing, send them to me, donate them to shelters, or non-profit thrift stores. Buy products that are local, use natural fibers, dyes, and reduce water consumption.

East Seven Seven works with independent, local craftspeople to make products, using all natural, sustainable, and recycled materials.  We aim to celebrate all bodies, cultural backgrounds, identities, and expressions by creating garments that celebrate your differences and unique heritage.